A first-class golf experience.

The Springs Championship 18-hole golf course, par 72 course welcomes all players and promises a first-class golf experience. The first 11 holes were designed by Al Howard and the last 7 by Graham Papworth. The course provides challenges for every golfers ability, and presents an enjoyable round for all.

Be sure to take advantage of the range of on-site facilities, including club hire, buggy and cart hire, golf lessons from our PGA accredited professional and the golf clinics that are run throughout the year. The Proshop is also well equipped with the latest golf gear and accessories from leading brands including Titleist, Bridgestone, Oakley, Nike Golf and Greg Norman. After the game, kick your golf shoes off, and relax on one of the ottomans in our locker room, before heading into the Duck Inn for an ice cold beer or wine.

To enquire about becoming a member, please call Phillip Arthur at the Proshop or download our Membership Application.


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For corporate golf bookings and large groups, please contact our pro-shop on (02) 4373 1522 Ext 1

Important Safety Notice: Golf Course Access

For the safety of all attendees, we kindly request that no children under the age of 8 be allowed on the golf course. This precaution is in line with our safety regulations to ensure a secure and enjoyable experience for everyone.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in adhering to this guideline. There will be designated areas and activities suitable for younger children to participate in, allowing families to fully enjoy their time at The Springs together.

Thank you for your cooperation in making our venue safe for all participants.

Important Notice: No Outside Beverages Allowed

To comply with liquor licensing regulations, we kindly remind all attendees that bringing your own beverages onto the property is strictly prohibited. Our venue offers a variety of refreshments for you to enjoy, ensuring that everyone can enjoy their experience in a safe and responsible manner.

We appreciate your cooperation in adhering to this policy. Your support allows us to maintain a compliant and enjoyable atmosphere for all guests.

Thank you for understanding and respecting our liquor licensing requirements.

Golf Lessons

Investing in a lesson with golf instructor Phillip can help improve your skills and make you a more competitive player on the course. Lessons at The Springs are competitive and affordable, with options for beginners and experienced players alike. Book a lesson with Phillip Arthur today to start taking your golf game to the next level.

  • 30 minutes  – $60
  • 60 minutes - $100

Green Fees

DayHolesMembersPensioner SocialMembers / GuestsVisitors
Monday - Friday9 Holes$6$25$25$30
18 Holes$6$37$40$45
Weekends / Public Holidays9 Holes$7$29$30$35
18 Holes$7$45$50$55
Golf Carts9 Holes$24$24$24$32
18 Holes$36$36$36$45
Hire Buggy9 Holes$2$2$2$3
18 Holes$3.50$3.50$3.50$5

The Course

First Hole

Par 5 518m, Index 4

This will test you. From the tee is straight down the middle over a water hole. Big hitters look out for the water on the left side of the fairway. If you get a big drive away you can reach the green for 2, but miss the green and you will pay the penalty. For the shorter hitters lay up your second shot to the top of the hill. Don’t over club otherwise your ball will disappear into the bush. Water to the left all the way to the green. Third shot is a bit tricky to a narrow very undulating hard to read green surrounded by water.

Second Hole

Par 3 190m, Index 5

Tough hole from the back markers. Under no circumstances drift right. It’s a long walk up the hill from the 3rd fairway. Play for the left side of the green. Large undulating 3 level green slopes towards the tee.

Third Hole

Par 4 369m, Index 1

What a beautiful golf hole but not easy! If you can hit a long drive take your chances over the dam. Big hitters watch out for the hidden dam which is behind the large dam you can see from the tee. The 200 metre marker is on the edge of the water. Safe is left of the marker. Fairway bends right to an elevated large flat green part hidden behind trees.

Fourth Hole

Par 5 460m, Index 14

What you see is what you get. A short par 5. Great chance to finish your round with a make a birdie or eagle. Fairway bunkers to the left and right. Watch the water hazard across the fairway 150 metres from the green. Laying up to it is not a problem. Elevated long narrow undulating green which is protected by deep almost pothole bunkers slopes back to the fairway. Best to always stay below the pin.

Fifth Hole

Par 3 150m, Index 17

The fifth is a great little par 3, it measures 150m from the back markers.ᅠAny shot that strays to the right will be out of bounds.ᅠThe green is heavily guarded by bunkers & water hazards that can come into play.

Sixth Hole

Par 4 382m, Index 2

How about this hole. Just great. Long hitters don’t need a driver. Stay straight down the centre left of the fairway. Rough to the right of the fairway is not to be messed with. Water hazards left side of fairway. Approach is straight forward over the large water hazard. Don’t over hit approach as severe hazard to the right and rear of the green. Large green almost level with a large deep bunker at the end of the green.

Seventh Hole

Par 4 400m, Index 7

Great hole. Smart play is a straight drive to the left side of the fairway. Careful of the bunkers on the left of the fairway just past the 200 metre marker. Any shot short of the green will roll down the hill onto the green so don’t over club. Green slopes slightly to the right front.

Eighth Hole

Par 4 362m, Index 10

Up hill narrow fairway all the way to the green. If your drive doesn’t make the top of the rise it’s very hard to make the green in regulation. Front of green has a slope back toward the fairway with bunkers on both sides of green.

Ninth Hole

Par 4 365m, Index 9

Your tee shot needs to be up the centre, any drive left of fairway will find the hazard. Water is all the way up the left side of the fairway. Your approach needs to be precise; anything short or back left will run off the green.

The front of green slopes towards the fairway.

Tenth Hole

Par 3 174m, Index 6

Careful of the water hazard on the left of the green. Don’t over club as it’s a long way up the hill to come back. Green slopes right to left and slightly to the rear. Any shot coming up short will have a difficult chip.

Eleventh Hole

Par 5 507m, Index 11

Pin is visible through the trees from the men’s tee. Right handers need to hit a low fade around the trees to the high side of the fairway to gain maximum run down the hill. Don’t try to hit over the trees as there is a series of water hazards on the right side waiting for those who try. Ladies just need to stay straight down the middle of the fairway. Long hitters will get close to the bottom of the hill leaving a 170 to 180 metre shot to the green for a possible eagle. Those not gifted with the ability to hit 250 metre drives still have the opportunity of a birdie.

Twelfth Hole

Par 4 337m, Index 12

Watch the water on the left and right. Smart play is a lay up to the water on the left and 8 or 9 iron to the green. Ladies watch the water directly in front of your tee. Best is to hit to the right side of the fairway. Green slopes increasingly to the right front.

Thirteenth Hole

Par 4 374m, Index 3

If your drive doesn’t make it over the top of the rise it’s very hard to make the green in regulation. Big hitters be careful, cutting the corner too much may find the hidden water hazard on left-hand side of fairway. Green has a slight slope toward the left front.

Fourteenth Hole

Par 4 359m, Index 8

Plenty of water – you can see it all from the tee. Bail out to the left if you’re not up to it. If you are up for a challenge, you need to carry the ball about 230m from the back tee. Green slopes toward the fairway. Ladies beware: a good high shot off the tee is needed.

Fifteenth Hole

Par 4 343m, Index 16

Fairway slopes to the water hazard on the right side. Make sure your drive stays left as the fairway has a savage bounce to the right toward the water. Green has a ridge across the middle and slopes from the ridge to the back and from the ridge to the front so come in high so it will stick.

Sixteenth Hole

Par 3 112m, Index 18

Easiest hole on the course but don’t relax, watch the water in front and to the left. High shot with lots of spin to make it stick. Green is level easy to read.

Seventeenth Hole

Par 5 448m, Index 15

Straight forward down the middle, bends slightly right. Water to the left and right if you stray off the tee. Second shot water to the left at the top of the rise. Elevated large flat green with water to the right. Don’t drift left as it’s a long way back up to the green. This is a very good birdie chance.

Eighteenth Hole

Par 4 352m, Index 13

What you see is what you get. Water to left and right. Out of bounds straight ahead in the bush. Elevated large flat green so don’t stray to the left, big hitters will only have a pitch to the green. Anything coming up short of the green will roll back to the bottom of the valley.